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In Pokemon Black and White versions just like previous generations there were multiple In-game trades available to you. Some of these trades, however, differed depending on the versions. The trades were:

Pokemon Black exclusive:
You received this Petilil(Lillil) for a Cottonee.

You recieved this Basculin(Redeye) for a Minccino

Pokemon White exclusive:

You received this Cottonee(Fluffee) for a Petilil
You received this Basculin(Blueye) for a Minccino

Both Versions:

You received this Emolga(Minipete) for a Boldore.

You received this Rotom(Eeks) for a Ditto

And in the summer only you receive this Munchlax(Gorge) for a Cinccino.

What did you think of these trades? Did you do them? Did you use the Pokemon? Were they fair trades? Do you wish that maybe there were more trades? Did you like the fact that they were a fixed level?

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