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Originally Posted by Rainbow Arcanine View Post
I honestly can't see new types coming right now, as since most people have had experience with Pokemon quite a bit it would be frustrating to learn the new types advantages and disadvantages, etc. weaknesses and super effectivenesses. If its only one type that would be fine but multiple of them can be tedious. However for a new type, I'd like to see some sort of 'light' type not like Electric but more like the opposite of dark.
I completely agree, I too... would only like to see one new type (hoping that it's Light-type).

If there was more than one new type made, then just imagine how more difficult would be to fit in the type chart to make sure there's no type combinations that has no weakness. xD

But if it is just Light-type, I'm sure it would fix the type chart so that all type combinations have a weakness and a resistance. ;)
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