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I'm a massive Australian metal fan so most of my favourite songs and lyric are from these bands if you're into this kind of music check these bands out.

Home Is For The Heartless: Parkway Drive
"If home is where the heart is, why do I feel so f...... heartless?"
The crumbling skyline cuts a vicious horizon,
sinking its teeth into the cold September sky.
Decaying towers of steel reach with crooked spires for the heavens,
like bones of the hollow chest of this town, torn wide for the scavengers.

Carrion: Parkway Drive

In a moment I'm lost
Dying from the inside
Her eyes take me away
Tear me apart from the inside out"

Open Letter: The Amity Affliction
"I'm not searching the sky for a reason to live
'cause I found beauty right here and found the passion to give,
so let me give you my heart, let me give you my tears,
let me give you my life, let me give you my fears."

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