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The Kanto starters... I suppose Wartortle lacked in enthusiasm, and Bulbasaur doesn't look like it has a nose, yet in the 3rd gen, May's Bulbasaur actually jumps into a passing truck full of flowers just to smell them. Charmander is one of my favorites, although I kinda wish Charizard's face would be much more decent, especially those horns on its head.

Kanto. Wartortle just looks like a larger Squirtle with sharp teeth, new tail, and a decorated head. Bulbasaur doesn't seem to have a nose, yet it jumps into a passing truck in the 3rd gen just to smell the flowers. Charmander's one of my favorites, but I wish Charizard's face was a little less scary and had neater horns(or whatever those things are on his head).

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