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So, here's my update about LeafGreen. I started off by picking Bulbasaur and naming him Slaigh. I soloed with him all the way until the Nugget Bridge area, which really wasn't difficult, since the two first gyms are weak against Grass-types. Anyway, beside Nugget Bridge, I caught a Bellsprout that I named Salim. I trained him up a bit before moving on, and then I just breezed through the game. Only using two Pokémon made it easy since they were both high-levelled, but their same weaknesses had their bad points too.

Hall of Fame:


Slaigh the Venusaur, Lv 72 (♂)
Item: None
SolarBeam, Earthquake, Leech Seed, Toxic

Salim the Victreebel, Lv 71 (♂)
Item: Quick Claw
Giga Drain, Sunny Day, Return, Sleep Powder
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