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UPD: That... didn't go so well. I was KO'd by a Golem's Earthquake just a floor above trying to run away from it (stupid...), and I reset the game hoping to start from the when the game was saved after you rescued me. But the save wasn't there and I can't even call for rescue again. I was sent back to the guild and for some reason I've lost ALL of my items except Minty Bow and some rubbish in the storage. I've had a great lot of items and you even rescued me and then it all comes to this. This is horrible, my mood is now totally ruined and I want to bang my head against the wall. I thank you for your efforts, but... sadly, this didn't end well.

UPD2: OK, I got over it. And I bought/found a lot of new items, and even recovered the Vulpix Tail. So it's OK.
Thanks for the item and I'm sorry for your frustration! First time I did a rescue.
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