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Quote originally posted by Houndour2005:
What was your reaction when that scene aired? What about today? I, for one, was too involved in streaming to even notice that something happened until I saw the chat whizzing by at 120mph. There have seldom been times when the fandom as a whole was caught so off guard.
When Derpy first talked, I was literally shocked when I heard her voice! I was super excited when they finally added voice. Kinda wish she would speak again, because as one of of the most popular background ponies, it deserves more airtime (and longer cameos!)

Quote originally posted by gunnerpow7:
So... last Tuesday, I got to watch 15 episodes of Season 1 soo imma continue finishing the rest and about 10 eps of S2 today... Wish me luck ! ;)
I highly recommend you Episodes 16 and 25, as well as the Season 2 premiere... once you get to them. You'll love them!
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