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Please no. Not a Light type which beats Dark. Dark already has enough weaknesses against widely used Pokémon. It has few weaknesses but when paired with other types it seems the amount of weaknesses is much larger.

The problem in 1st gen was that nothing resisted Psychic, apart from itself. So they created a type which is not only immune to Psychic, but it also super-effective against it. The other new type also resisted Psychic.

Nowadays there isn't a type which is overpowered against the other. Poison, for example, is horrible offensively, but it has very good resistances and it can't be poisoned. Even more so with Steel, it sucks as an offensive type, but it's the best defensive type in the game. Meanwhile, Ice is one of the best types offensively, but it only resists itself. Dragon is neutral against most types, but it's only super-effective against itself. Grass is poor offensively, but many disrupting moves are Grass-type.

What Gamefreak can do to balance types is to introduce more Pokémon to counter a dominant type. For example, there's an abundance of Fighting and Steel-types in OU, so let's create more Psychic, Flying, or Fire Pokémon, preferably with strong stats and abilities. If Stealth Rock is a problem, nerf it so that it's no longer dependant on type matchup, or reduce its damage output.

I think most of the stuff in the type chart makes sense and back in 1999 they must've had major brainstorming sessions to come up with what we have now.

If, and it's a BIG if, they added new types, they wouldn't add them to old Pokémon. Back in 2nd gen the only Pokémon from 1st gen which changed types was Magnemite/Magneton. No Pokémon from 1st gen gained the Dark type. So it's definitely not necessary that old Pokémon change types. Magnemite was a very rare case of Gamefreak retconning a Pokémon. Tradition says that, once a Pokémon is created, its stats won't change, neither will its type. Further balancing is done via additional moves and abilities.

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