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There's quite a few things that annoy the life out me so I'll name only a few
People that NEVER SHUT UP, I mean don't get me wrong, I can listen but when they talk for hours straight and won't let you get a word in edge-wise, I zone out xD
Grammar. I mean I can handle some things like smilies xD or texting most of the time (unless they literally don't know the word it's like, seriously?) My first language was Spanish but even I can speak and spell English better than some of my classmates xD
People who don't care for anything, full apathy. I mean, people need to realize that although school is a pain in the arse cutting into your time at home with homework that it's still necessary, I'm ok with knowing that 1+1=2 rather than staying at home playing video games you wouldn't even understand at times, had school not helped you develop your skills. Drugs, alcohol, etc. marijuana might have less of a mental effect than a cigarette but the mental effect can leave you doing wrong things, you don't jump off a cliff when you're smoking a cigarette, but you can if you're drunk. Anyways, I could rant forever but I'll stop here. xD
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