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Chapter Seventy-Two: Love and War
“So what eventually got you to change your mind?” Boreas asked as they waited for Black to return with Reshiram in the Champion's tower.
“You know, I'm not really sure,” said Aqua ponderously. “I didn't want to let Diego get away with murdering N, I didn't want to leave you to fight without me, I wanted to give myself a chance to maybe prove Toxica and you right, and I know Team Plasma needs to be stopped. I don't know which one convinced me, really. Probably a bit of each. I'm glad I've got a friend like Toxica to get me back in any case.” She smiled and patted Toxica on her shoulder with her tail.
“So am I,” said Boreas, “though it would've felt safer not to have you part of this battle.”
Aqua gave him a sceptical look.
“I know, I know,” Boreas laughed, “you're probably more capable of staying alive in this thing than me, and you wouldn't turn back for my concerns anyway. I was just saying.”
“Yeah, you're right there,” chuckled Aqua. “Between the two of us, you're the one who needs his back watched. After all, you're always getting yourself into danger because you don't think ahead.”
“Hey, that's not true,” chuckled Boreas. “I do think ahead and don't need you to keep me out of trouble.”
“It's true, alright. You're reckless and silly.”
Boreas tried very hard to keep a straight face. “I'm not, which means you're just poking your pretty nose into my business.”
“Busybody.” Their lips softly touched, ignoring Octa's frustrated sigh.
Aqua winked. “I do think Octa's jealous.”
“I am not!” Octa enunciated. “However, I am frustrated, for our friends and allies are dying in battle right now while we have to wait for Black to retrieve Reshiram before we can join them; despite this, your minds are occupied by your courtship.”
“Octa, my dear fellow,” said Boreas, “my mind can use a little distraction right now. Besides, this could be our last chance to kiss; we might die soon, so why not make the most of things now?”
Boreas thought he saw something on Toxica's face at this, but then Black entered with Reshiram and interrupted the conversation. Pride and courage filled them all, knowing the truth was on their side. Fortunately, Reshiram didn't seem dismayed by Black's unceremonial dismissal earlier. “Come on, guys,” said Black. “Let's find Ghetsis, end this, and all come back in one piece. It shouldn't be too hard.”
Stepping out onto the bridge to Team Plasma's castle, they were nearly blown off by the storm and instantly soaked by rain. “Forgot about the storm!” shouted Black against the wind. “Get on Reshiram's back, everyone, we're flying!”
As he crawled on Reshiram's back, Boreas felt empowered and proud by the sheer touch of its soft, almost fur-like feathers. He was for a moment fully convinced by the sheer righteousness of their cause and pitying those misguided deniers of the truth out there, before he reminded himself not to be fooled by Reshiram's crap. “I had no idea legendaries were this annoying...” he muttered.
They were soon all on the large dragon's back, holding on to the white feathers tightly. “Go, Reshiram,” commanded Black. “Fly us to Kyurem!”
Reshiram spread its vast white wings and leapt into the stormy sky. Boreas held on tight as they soared over Team Plasma's castle. Little figures fought below them, in courtyards and on walls, their attacks little sparks of light in the deep dark tempest. Black shouted something at Reshiram, and they entered into a dive and swooped right over the fighting on a wall. Reshiram shone brightly with white light on the combatants, invigorating the resistance and breathing fire down on Team Plasma.
They were about to make another pass, but a bolt of lightning barely missed them, its thunderclap deafeningly loud. The stormwinds pulled hard on Reshiram and those it carried, making it clear the shorter they flew through the storm, the better.
“KYUREM IS IN THERE,” thundered Reshiram as they flew for one of the lower buildings, almost invisible through the thick rain curtain.
“Put us down at its entrance!” As they approached the building, an open courtyard in front of it became visible. Tiny figures were fighting even this deep into the castle, but they momentarily scattered as Reshiram descended like a bright, fiery falling star. Several seconds before it touched down, Boreas jumped from its back, landing on a Koffing floating several metres lower and taking it out, instantly jumped on, taking down a Flaaffy as well. A buzzing noise alerted him and allowed him to block a Beedrill's attack before it landed and respond in kind, grabbing the insect, sending a pulse of cold through it, and throwing it onto the Bagon that attacked him as well. A final attack took both down.
Then his friends joined the battle as well. Their allies were on the other side of the courtyard; they were surrounded by enemies here. Most of them were just grunts, and their pokémon were relatively easy to handle, but Boreas recognised a purple-robed old man with long, greying-brown hair and a goatee. With a shudder he recalled his disgusting and nearly fatal trip into the stomach of Zinzolin's Seviper. At least that Glaceon-eating monster was dead now, but the sage brought six powerful poison-types and a huge Hydreigon to the field.
“Ah, our new Shampion 'as honoured us with a visit! 'Ydreigon, show 'im your power!”
The dark, three headed serpent-dragon roared and attacked Reshiram with powerful pulses of energy from two of the heads, while the third devoured a Plusle that was actually on its own side. Reshiram took flight, wounded by the attacks, and flew at Hydreigon, spitting fire. The serpent itself leapt into the air, dodging the flames, and collided with Reshiram, two of its heads biting at the other dragon's throat while the third spit a beam of energy right into its face.
But Boreas had no more time to watch the titanic struggle between dragons: Zinzolin's team had reached them. A Drapion's powerful punch knocked him right into a soft, horribly stinky trashmonster. The Garbodor spit a wave of slime over him, but he blunted the assault by freezing it, then rapidly dodged its fist coming down. With an attack, he froze its oozy flesh in several places. But before he could continue, he saw movement faster than lightning from the corner of his eye. As he turned to parry its attack, he already realised he was too late; the Crobat was just too fast.
A solid beam of water knocked the bat out of the air and made it bounce off Garbodor. Boreas quickly nodded his thanks to Aqua and finished the momentarily grounded bat with an Ice Beam. He turned at the sound of Garbodor blobbering towards him, oozing sludge at him, and defended himself by freezing its every attack. The trashmonster was faster than it looked and Boreas had a hard time freezing the disgusting liquids it threw at him away, but was just fast enough.
An electric attack struck Boreas from somewhere just as he was about to freeze down yet another blob of goo. His muscles spasmed from the shock and made him miss his counterattack. Horrid, burning sludge covered his upper body a moment later. The goo felt like it was dissolving his fur and skin, so he tried to scrape it off with his paws, but he was hit by more balls of sludge, fully covering him in the nasty stuff.
A big wave of water impacted him strongly and washed most of the noxious goo off instantly. He was swept away in the wave, which soon turned into a rapid whirlpool with Garbodor at its centre before it retreated and left Aqua standing next to him.
“Really, my love,” she teased as she blasted Garbodor with a jet of water, “how many more times do you plan on having me rescue you?”
Boreas got up and suppressed the instinct to shake out his fur; it wouldn't matter in this deluge anyway. Instead he Ice Beamed Garbodor. “It's not as if I'm helpless, I just had a bit of bad luck! I don't need you to save me that often.”
Aqua elegantly dodged the Garbodor's slimy bulk as it launched itself at her. “Sure you do,” she chuckled, “you'd be helpless without me at your side.”
Boreas laughed as he froze the ground beneath Garbodor, making it slip as it got up. “Maybe you're right; so I'd better make sure I keep you there.” He suddenly had his best idea ever. “Let's get married.”
Aqua turned right in the middle of a wave that was about to crash down on Garbodor, missing it instead. “WHAT?!”
Drapion saw its chance and jumped at Aqua, surrounded by slime. Boreas' mind lashed out with the stormwind, suddenly increasing a blast of wind to a tornado's strength and thereby launching Garbodor away and knocking Zinzolin's Weezing out of the air with it. “It's a tradition of human origin where you promise your eternal love for-”
“I know what it is!” said Aqua bewildered. “But in case you hadn't noticed, we're a little busy at the moment!”
They both had to run from a mighty ball of fire from the duel of the dragons, but stayed together. “Aqua,” said Boreas as he parried a Vulpix's attack with one paw while carefully crystallising rain with the other into a beautiful flower made of ice, “this is likely our last chance. If I'm going to die today, this is one last thing I would like to have done. I love you,” he said as he completed the flower and gave it to Aqua in one smooth motion, “will you marry me?”
Aqua looked at him with a wonderful expression of love and befuddlement, but had to jump out of the way of a Gurdurr's girder, then swept it away with a single wave. “Boreas, you're insane!” she laughed. “And I love you for it! Of course I'll marry you!”
It was one of the happiest moments of Boreas' life, to look into Aqua's happy, laughing face and know she truly wanted to be with him forever. He rolled out of the way of a Ledian's punch, making it hit a Kling instead and screech in pain before he knocked them both out with a single pulse of cold. “Wonderful!” he said as his tail briefly touched Aqua's.
“Yeah,” she said with a twinkle in her eyes, “so, what exactly are we supposed to do?”
“Uhh...” Boreas realised he only had quite a vague idea of how a wedding was supposed to work; but he figured the details didn't matter as long as he and Aqua considered themselves married. “I think you're supposed to get a best man, to begin with.”
Aqua nodded. “Right, let's get them, then!” They ran back to the rest of the team, which they'd gotten separated from, dodging a few attacks together while holding tails.
“Octa,” said Boreas as he reached his friend, Ice Beaming the Drapion the Serperior was fighting in the face. “Will you be my best man? Aqua and I are getting married right now!”
“What the-” began Octa, using his enemy's cringe at Boreas' attack to stab it. “Of all the ludicrous ideas you've had, this has to be the worst! We're in a battle here!”
“Is that a yes or a no?”
“A yes, of course, my dear fellow!” Octa laughed.
“Toxica,” asked Aqua, “will you be my best woman?”
“I'd be honoured,” said Toxica, defeating Drapion with an Energy Ball, “but I don't think the bride is supposed to have a best woman too.”
“Half the guests to the wedding aren't supposed to be trying to kill the other half and the wedding couple either, but we have to improvise here!” Aqua quickly soaked an attacking Numel.
“Then I'd love to be best woman,” said Toxica. “This is wonderful!”
“Octa,” said Boreas, “could you pull double duty and ask us the questions? I think you know them best!”
“Very well, my dear fellow.” He scraped his throat. “Dearly beloved-” he parried a Pawniard's blade with his own. “And not so beloved, we are gathered here today to unite these two Eevees in matrimony! Boreas, do you-ack!” Weezing had emerged from under the unconscious Garbodor and was attacking them with dark clouds of smog. “Toxica and I can handle it, continue on your own!”
“Boreas,” said Aqua, shooting a jet of water at an enemy behind Boreas' back, “do you take me to be your wife to love and cherish until death do us part?”
“I do!” said Boreas happily, Ice Beaming an approaching Sunflora down. “Aqua, do you take me to be your-” The two dragons, entangled in mighty combat, were about to crash down on them, so Boreas and Aqua ran away together, jumping over enemies and quickly dispatching a few. “-Husband, to love and cherish until death do us part, which I hope will be in more than a few minutes?”
“I do!” said Aqua, creating a rapid flow of water circling around them, keeping enemies away.
Boreas looked, but saw Octa was too far away. “Then I pronounce us husband and wife.” he said with delight as he froze the wave.
Protected by the wall of ice, the battle's noise and chaos was at last gone for one moment. Aqua looked into Boreas' eyes with a happy smile. “You may now kiss the bride.”
Boreas hugged Aqua tightly and kissed her, feeling his limitless love for this wonderful Vaporeon in every cell of his body. Their kiss seemed to last an eternity, so lost in their love were they, it even continued for another second when the wall of ice shattered all around them thanks to the fighting dragons. Then at last they separated and took down the enemies around them together. “C'mon, hubby,” said Aqua with a smile. “Let's rejoin our best men.”
“Good idea, I think the guests might be giving them trouble.” They sprinted back to Octa and Toxica just in time to see them take down the Weezing. The two grass-types turned to them with happy expecting smiles.
“It's done,” said Boreas joyfully, “we're married!”
“Congratulations, my dear fellow!” Octa grasped Boreas. “Now this is something I would never have expected: you getting wed before me.”
They suddenly saw Sage Zinzolin running through the battlefield, pursued by Lucius and Selene, who had clearly defeated the sage's other pokémon. Octa extended his vines and made the robed human trip, then aimed his blade at the man's throat. “Sage Zinzolin, you have been defeated,” declared Octa.
“Damn right he is,” said Lucius. “Birdbrain and I took down the rest of his pokémon, and Hydreigon is getting its triple ass kicked by Reshiram. Kill him and let's get on with it.”
Zinzolin breathed heavily with the blade at his throat, and said: “You may kill me, but you will lose zis battle and zis war nonetheless. It is inevitable. Victoire à la Plasma!”
Octa kept his blade on the Frenchman's throat for a moment, then withdrew it and slithered back a little. “I cannot kill him.”
“Really?” asked Lucius after a moment. “That's good. Because I can!” He suddenly leapt onto Zinzolin, and Octa moved to stop him, but it was too late: Lucius bit at the sage's throat, and there was one final scream before he was silenced forever. Lucius got up, his mouth dripping with blood.
“How could you do that?!” roared Octa. “He was defeated, our prisoner! To kill him was an act of utter barbarity!”
“Get used to it!” snapped Lucius. “Remember, these bastards are our enemies, and they wouldn't hesitate to do the same to us. Remember what they did to Capella? This won't be the last of them whose blood I drink! We're here to kill another one of them in the first place, so quit whining!”
Though Boreas was rather shocked by the brutal execution, he couldn't really feel sad for Zinzolin's demise. “Come on,” he said to stop Octa from arguing. “We've got to help Reshiram defeat that Hydreigon.”
Reshiram was already winning on its own, however, the Hydreigon a lot more wounded. They were flying through the air above the battlefield, their intense beams flashing like the storm's lightning. Boreas shot an Ice Beam at Hydreigon's wings, and his friends joined him in attacking. It spit a great ball of fire down from one head; Boreas got the storm to blow them out of its path with intense force. They all landed painfully and in a heap, but at least they weren't incinerated. They wanted to help Reshiram fight Hydreigon some more, but the three-headed dragon saw its trainer was dead and rapidly dived away from its legendary enemy, flying rapidly over the battlefield. Reshiram was about to pursue it, but Black shouted: “Leave it, Reshiram! We have to go after Kyurem!”
“And Lucius,” Black scolded, “I don't want to see you kill anyone other than Ghetsis again! We take them as prisoners, understood?”
“Sure,” lied Lucius.
Boreas became aware of an enemy attacking him and turned around instantly, but too late: the Nidorino had reached him. But instead of a painful impact, there was dark flash and then it was thrown aside by a cute Umbreon. “Boreas,” she said, “it's been a while, hasn't it?”
“Febby!” Boreas blurted out in surprise. “It's great to see you again!” He saw now that White was greeting Black, and that she had her entire team with her. Boreas was momentarily annoyed with seeing Esper, before deciding it really was about time he stopped being so childish towards him. “I had no idea you were in the resistance!”
“Well, we've been with them only shortly,” she giggled, “White didn't want to give us up when Team Plasma took over, so she eventually went to the Gym Leader for help, and he got us into the resistance. It's good not to have to hide all the time. Oh, and here's Esper!”
“Hi, dude,” greeted Esper, “how are you?”
“I'm well,” Boreas said kindly. “In fact, I just got married.”
“You did?!” Febby blurted out with something between surprise, joy, and jealousy. “Who's the lucky girl?”
Boreas looked for his bride, and saw she was in trouble fighting a Scrafty that looked like Grimsley's. “Excuse me, just a moment.” He rushed for them, firing Ice Beams that hurt and distracted the Scrafty enough for Aqua to strike back at it. While it wasn't defeated, it retreated behind other combatants, unwilling to fight the two of them. “Looks like I'm not the only one in this marriage that needs the occasional rescue,” teased Boreas.
“Oh, shut up,” laughed Aqua.
“Anyway,” said Boreas, “I want to introduce you to Febby and Esper. Febby, this is Aqua, my wife.” That sounded very good, thought Boreas.
“Hello, Febby,” said Aqua with a mean little smile. “I've heard much about you from my husband.”
“Did you?” said Febby, suddenly grumpy. “I heard little about you.”
“Hardly surprising. I suppose the facts speak for themselves, don't they, my love?”
Boreas made eye contact with Esper and saw the Espeon felt as surprised and uncomfortable by the sudden hostility as Boreas. “Yes, yes, I suppose they do. Anyway, I think we should be paying more attention to the battle, and try to reach Ghetsis. But it was great to see you again, Febby.”
Aqua and Boreas ran through enemy ranks to catch up to their friends, who were already in the entrance to the building where Ghetsis apparently was, fighting in a long corridor full of grunts and their pokémon. “What'd you do that for?” Boreas asked in annoyance as he sidestepped to dodge an attack.
“Do what?” Aqua asked with all the sweetness of an apple filled with razorblades. “I was just having a nice girl-to-girl chat with Febby.”
Boreas snorted. “Sure, 'nice'. You were clearly trying to make her jealous.”
“Well, perhaps,” said Aqua with a sly smile. “After all, she was stupid enough to choose that Espeon instead of you.”
Boreas chuckled. “That's no reason to childishly rub it in. Funny thing is, I had no idea she had even had any interest in me at all until just now.”
“I'm not surprised she is, I married you after all. Would it have changed anything if you had known?”
“No,” said Boreas, without even having to think about it. “I mean, Febby is a nice girl and all, but you...” he searched for the right words. “Well, I love you.”
Aqua chuckled. “That's what I figured.”

“Dammit, it was about time you two rejoined us!” snapped Toxica.
“Sorry,” said Aqua, “we got a little caught up talking to an old friend of Boreas'.”
The help of the two newly-wed Eevees was very welcome, as Black's team was getting swarmed with enemies in the corridor. Fortunately there was no rain inside, and each enemy on its own was quite weak. But with as many of them as there were in here, it was hard not to be overwhelmed. Toxica already had several wounds, but they were slowly making progress through the corridor thanks to Reshiram, which made many of its enemies flee, and easily defeated them otherwise.
As Toxica fought against one enemy after another, she noticed Boreas and Aqua were fighting closely together in concert, always covering each other, their attacks working together brilliantly. It warmed her heart to see her friends like this. To see them get married suddenly was a wonderful, though strange surprise in this massive battle. It also made her wonder if she shouldn't forgive Octa. She knew the Eevees had done this because the chances either of them wouldn't live to see tomorrow were large, and they were no better for Octa and her. Boreas' words “we might die soon, so why not make the most of things now?” had hit home. But of course, she was still quite mad at Octa for what he'd done. Dying broken up with him was not an appealing thought, but neither was forgiving him, even if she was pretty sure his regret nor his decision to leave his House were fake.
Lost in thought like this, Toxica was fighting pretty much on automatic pilot. It was bound to go wrong sooner or later, and of course it did. An Absol was faster than her and swept at her with the razor-sharp sickle on its head. She fell back with a cry of pain and a deep cut in her chest. Absol pounced her to finish it, but found its sickle crossed by a Leaf Blade. “That was most unwise of you.”
To Toxica's great annoyance, Octa engaged the Absol and fought it, protecting her as she focussed on regenerating her wound. “Dammit, Octa, mind your own business, you nosy bastard! I can take care of myself!”
“I shan't,” said Octa defiantly, “for you evidently do need my help.”
“Piss off,” she snapped as she got up again slowly. “I know you're just trying to impress me, but you can forget about it!”
Octa defeated the Absol. “What I did was to help you; I would have done the same for any of us, even Lucius.”
“Codswallop!” snapped Toxica as their progress through the corridor went faster: it seemed White's pokémon were creating a distraction on the other end. “I know you still want to be with me, but it's over between us! I don't care that we might be about to die, or that you might've left your House for me, I'm done with you!”
She realised then she was sounding madder than Selene right now and forced herself to calm down and stop rambling. She was ashamed to have flipped out like that for so little reason. “I-I'm sorry, I-”
But they had finally reached the end of the army of pokémon in the corridor, the rest too occupied with fighting White. The grunts that commanded them had fled into rooms to the sides, so nothing stood between them and the hall where Ghetsis was. Reshiram rushed ahead and bashed the doors down, showing a grand, ornate hall. But Kyurem and the rest of Ghetsis' team still stood between them and the Sage.
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