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Gau listened to the events unfolding with a quizzical expression stuck on his face. Firstly they had run into this weird stranger who was pretending to be homeless, then he had heard about the events in Jubilife, then another random trainer had come sprinting up and rather fortunately given more details on what to expect and now Julian was about to start an all out argument with the new guy... and seemingly Gau himself. He didn't like speaking out in these situations but he didn't want to scare the kid with Julian since she was probably already terrified. But he was very intrigued by something he had heard from the strange, rather feminine, boys mouth. Authority. Gau was now certain that Julian was not who he said he was and resolved to find out more. He looked at the newcomer who also seemed to have picked up on something
Interesting thought Gau, he'd have a lot to write about later but he had a bigger priority right now, defusing this situation before they were all left without allies and helping to work out a plan. He sighed inwardly he hated being in positions like this where he had to give a clear stance towards the situation.

"Firstly, if the police could stop the Life-Keepers they would have by now, they have been around for a while now and we haven't even seen a decrease in their activity, in fact we have seen an increase. As for these" he showed the watch-like object strapped to his wrist "we know they aren't life lines but we also know that this is what we signed up for. Not to say that you don't have valid concerns it is just that there is nothing we can do about them except catch a few new pokemon and/or strengthen the ones we already have. One way or another we are going to run into these guys and really it would be better for us if we had the element of surprise over them not the other way around. To sum it up, I'll be going anyway and I'd like to have you guys for back-up" the last line was directed at Julian and Willow more than the others.

Now he just had to watch as events unfolded and hope for the best.

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