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Hm I'll join in as well, this seems to be a fun adventure!

PS User: TwihikiAmias (Alts: IShouldSleepAmias, Kiriyuuki_Amias, Pignite, Twihiki_Snorlax)

Lost Vs ForeverDash +5¥
Lost Vs Rainbow Arcanine +5¥
Lost Vs Golurk +5¥
Lost Vs GlitchGuy +5¥
Lost Vs King_Nick72 (was close tho) +5¥
Lost Vs Hyperbeeem +5¥
Lost Vs Jellicent +5¥
Lost Vs Rainbow Arcanine +5¥
Won Vs Rainbow Arcanine +10¥
Lost Vs WeightyWillBill +5¥
Lost Vs Pave Low +5¥ (Was VERRRY close)
Lost against Gym Leader Jake +5¥
Lost against Golurks +5¥
Lost against Icy Burn +5¥

Won Vs Pokerfacer +10¥
Lost Vs Nica +5¥
Lost Vs Hyperbeem +5¥

Won Vs Clay10mc + 10¥
Lost Vs Hyperbeem +5¥ ( I will never figure out his Arceus's type)

Current Money Total= 240¥

Purchased 1 Pokemon= -5¥
Purchased 3 Pokemon= -15¥
Purchased 3 Pokemon= -15¥
Purchased 4 Pokemon= -20¥
Purchased 3 Pokemon= -15¥

Received 2 Pokemon from Ghost Chest Event
Received +50 coins from Ghost Chest Event
Recieved +150 Coins from Card Fortune Wheel Event
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