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Oh, may I have the honour of joining this? I really like SAO! :D

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Q: How far would you go to protect someone that you met in a virtual world, whether it be a good friend or a love interest?
A: Is it a matter of life and death? If it's just an online game, I'd "risk my life" to save a friend - on the edge of dying, if not getting killed.
But, if it's like SAO, and death is involved... I'd have to consider. I mean, It's really risky- with everything that's possible inside of a video game. I'd give it a try, but I might not exactly go on and get myself killed for the person. I mean, getting us both killed is not worth it. I'm sure that person wouldn't want us both to die, either.

On the subject of ALF, though it wasn't as risky - as you couldn't die in real life - it was on a time limit, kinda. The more time Kirito spent, the closer it would get to the day that creepy guy married Asuna. And if that happened- I think Kirito would go into a pretty deep depression.
And personally, I think another season is coming. There is much more in the manga (And I think it's still going ^^), and with the impressive sales of the Light Novels, it seems like a possibility!