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Before I show off my stuff...

GuitarGod-Honestly not sure what to say. It's an interesting experiment though with the sound you're making. I'd figure just a bit more practice, smoother transitions, and more experimentation, and you'll get better. It takes time, but keep it going!

Outfox-Definitely first thing I noticed, you have a beautiful voice, definitely a whole lot of potential if you got some formal training! I don't know the song, but I enjoyed it and your piano, even though there was a lot of clipping in the recording. Perhaps put your recordings through an audio editor of some sort and normalize it in some parts.

So on to my stuff. I've basically got a whole youtube channel dedicated to pokemon music, either enhanced mixes, or a remix of some other game theme with a soundfont (MIDI instrument set) I made myself.

My youtube channel:

Some of the mixes:
Pokemon HG/SS Champion Battle (Enhanced)

Pokemon B/W Team Plasma Battle (Enhanced)

Pokemon Johto Gym Leader Battle (Enhanced)

Pokemon Black/White Celestial Tower (Enhanced)

Pokemon Lavender Town (Spooky Enhanced)

RBY Route 3/4/22 Theme using Black/White soundfont (Arrangement)