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Quote originally posted by PokémonShinySilver:
Hm... I'm actually thinking about some other new type of ability called Flame Absorb, which works in the same way as Water Absorb and Volt Absorb, but instead recovering HP whenever a Pokémon uses a Fire-type attack against the Pokémon that has Flame Absorb.
I'd be for this. :)
Quote originally posted by AfewQuestions:
What if chlorophyll stops being an ability and becomes a permanent feature of all grass pokemon? I mean, all grass pokemon have their speed doubled under the sun in the same way that all fire attacks get a boost under the sun.
That would let grass pokemon get another useful ability.
Way too strong imo. OU would literally be full of fast mons and certain things might end up banned that aren't already in my opinion. ;(
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