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Originally Posted by Thereaperofdeath19 View Post
hello Cid sorry it took three days to response to this i been a bit busy i like DrFuji for a mentor for he/she can show me the ropes of it and start working on a rom to improve it also if you got advice for please tell me what you would recommend thanks.
Nah, don't worry about it. I've been busy too so I also tend to reply really late, haha. But sure, maybe I'll PM you sometime, if I think of useful advice or something to recommend. I won't do that here because we might derail the thread with unrelated posts. :p

Originally Posted by iLoveHate View Post
Haia there Cirno, i hope you can find a mentor for me :D

What section/board are you most interested in?
Im interested in ROM hacking (emulation), Im not a noob anymore cuz i already can script, even complicated ones although it takes some time. But I want to learn another part of that which i already tried without succes, its tiling.

What other sections/boards do you want to venture in and learn more about?
Hmm, if you dont mind I'll stick at emulation ^^

Are there any specific things you like to do while you're here?
Yup I want, not only rom-hacking but also make some pals or something to chat sometimes about nonsense ^^

Thats it, Circo now you got more work to do thanks to me :p
Welcome. <3 Hope I can do a good job of recommending in Cirno's place!

Now onto this post's purpose. :3 We have just a few spots left for Emulation; you can either be DrFuji's third mentee, or be mentored by Abnegation. However, I hope you know that your chosen mentor won't be able to help you with the process of hacking itself (unless the mentor personally offers to help), since the Adoption Center only covers stuff related to the forum and how you can get into your mentor's section more easily. So asking your mentor how to tile would not fall under the mentoring process, unfortunately. You could ask where the necessary tiling references are in Emulation section, though!

In any case, take your pick!