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Mail, in terms of the Pokémon world, is a held item given to a Pokémon that contains a message written by the Trainer. This message can then be given to other Trainers by trading Pokémon. The mail system has been tweaked slightly since its introduction in Generation II, using the more restrictive easy chat system in Generation III, then refining the system in Generation IV. Pokémon holding mail cannot be placed in the PC. The message written on mail is lost if returned to the bag. Storing it on the PC prevents the mail's message from being lost.

Now, if you recall from Gen II, you receive mail from a policeman to deliver to his sleeping friend near Route 30/31 where you get the TM Rest if you've delivered it with the Sparrow successfully. Now, in that case... Should there be more use of the Mail outside of giving it to trainers via trading? Would you like more mailing sidequests like in Gen II, where you actually deliver mail to other people? Should the delivering mail have helpful side-effects to pokemon holding the mail? Should you get rewards for delivering mail? Could you get mail from other trains that have loads of goodies in them? What else in Gen X&Y should have, that can possibly tweak or improve the mail system? Any other thoughts?

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