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Sent you a PM.

Also got a couple more things:


Most have 31 IV in HP or Defence, All Relaxed

4x Outstanding (31 IV Defence, Speed (Female); 31 IV Defence, Special Defence (Female); 31 IV Attack, Defence (Female); 31 Attack, Defence, Special Defence, Speed).
2x Relatively Superior (31 IV HP, Attack, Defence, Special Attack; and 3 IV HP, Defence, Special Defence.)

DW Lileep

All have 31 IV in Defence, Bold, with Recover Egg Move

1 Outstanding
4x Relatively Superior (1 Female)
3x Above Average (1 Female, was in daycare)
4x Decent (2 Female)

Also one Outstanding with Suction Caps (Male)

DW Dratini

Most have 31 IV in Attack, all Adamant

3x Outstanding (1 Female)
3x Relatively Superior (1 Female)
6 Above Average (5 Female)

Also 1 Decent, Impish and Female

I've also have some more Timid DW Eevee and Vulpix.


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