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Richards Log


After waking up, very, very late (it was night time), I head over to Sprout Tower where I capture a level 3 Rattata, that I nickname Arty. After I heal up, I head up to Route 31, where I train Arty to level 9, and in the process I captured a level 3 Hoothoot, which I didn't nickname, and I boxed immediately. I took on the Sprout Tower trainers, making it all the way to the Elder. I saw Brycen there, but I didn't get into a battle with him. I beat the Elder, and recieved TM 70, Flash.

I head back to Route 31 to train Chomper. I get him up to level 14, before deciding to take on the Gym. I manage to solo the entire gym with Totodile and in one go. When I leave the Gym, I recieve a call from Prof. Elm, to go meet Bob in the Pokémart and take the egg from him, joy, what I've always wanted to have a flipping egg. Since the professor wants the egg hatched, I walk around with it and decide what to with it.

I head down to the Ruins and explore a little, I solve the puzzle of a Kabuto, and fall down in to the ruins. Some scientist name Jason gives me something called the Unown Report, and as I'm trying to leave the ruins I run into an Unown. It is a weird looking creature, I do not want, so I run from the battle. I head down to Route 32, and battle some trainers, and head through Union Cave. When I exit from the cave, I notice some bully blocking a well, and being a jerk to a local. He claims to be a Team Rocket Grunt, but everyone knows they were disbanded three years ago. Eh, oh well. Not my problem. The guy is obviously delusion, I really don't need to see the well. When I head to town, someone mentions Kurt the ball maker to me. I think I'll visit him tomorrow.

Team: Totodile Rattata

1/24/2013 - 1/27/2013

Today I walked around Azela Town, and noticed that the Slowpoke weren't anywhere to be seen. Weird, people keep saying that they went missing what is going on here? Anyways, on to the Gym! And what do you know, some jerk in an outfit just like the jerk at the well is blocking my way into the gym, saying something about SlowpokeTail being delicious. No thanks, I have no desire to eat any kind of tail, (Pokétail or not).

Well, hopefully Kurt will give me some Balls. Thankfully, Kurt is home, yes! When I talk about how Team Rocket is up to no good in Slowpoke Well, supposedly selling SlowpokeTails that they cut off. Well, I've seen a guy selling SlowpokeTails, but he wasn't dressed up like Team Rocket. And I've seen two members of Team Rocket hanging around town. It could be true, but I doubt. Kurt says he's off to save the Slowpoke. Oh dear god, I better go off to help him. I have no clue how good a trainer he is, and something could go horribly wrong.

When I get to the well, no sign of anyone Kurt or that annoying guy in the weird outfit. When I go down the well, I find Kurt fell down and hurt his back. He assures me, he'll be fine in a bit, but to teach Team Rocket a lesson for him. As I go farther into the well, I notice more people dressed up like they're in Team Rocket. I battle 3 Grunts, and an Executive who confirms Team Rocket is back. During the battles, Chomper evolves into a Croconow, and further grows to level 20. Kurt tells me his back is feeling better, and since the Slowpoke have been saved, we can go back to his house.

Once there, Kurt tells me he'll make me Balls from Apricorns. Yeah! Going outside, I notice the Gym is free to go into again. Yes. It's easy for me to battle these weak bug types. So I make it to the leader with little trouble. Chomper is now lv. 21, and he knows Ice Fang, so awesome. Bitsy goes down with little trouble for me just need to heal twice because of his Scyther.

Now to go to Ilex Forrest. On my there, Brycen stops me to harass me, but I beat his butt easily. Including his Bayleef in two hits with Ice Fang. He calls me weak, which is funny since I beat him easily. Into the forrest we go after healing up. Some dude lost his masters Farfetch'd and asks me to find them. I easily do it, and I'm rewarded HM01. I teach it to Arty. We get through to the other side of the forrest, where I find a guy to teach one of my Pokémon Headbutt, but I don't know who to teach it to so I walk away. Farther up, I find some women with a pale face. She's lost, and can't find her way out of a fairliy straight forward path. Chomper leads her to the exit, and we leave to.

On Route 34, I see Lyra and meet her grandparents, who run the daycare there. They embarrass her like only grandparents can. I get her number, which she makes a big deal about it being no big deal, and her grandparents number.

I finally get to Goldenrod City. First thing I do is head to the Game Corner and play Voltorb Flip for a while. By the time I stop, I've gotten 2,300 coins. I head over to the Coin Exchange where I get an Abra, and a Dratini. I head back to the Likeminded Center to stay the night.

Current Team:

Chomper - Croconow
Lv. 21
Ice Fang
Water Gun

Arty - Rattata
Lv. 11
Tail Whip
Quick Attack
Focus Attack


Thunder Wave
Dragon Rage
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