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Name: Olli97
Partner Pokemon: Pidgey and Ursaring
Reason for joining: I only joined for Pidgey Part of the reason is, that a few of my all-time favourite Pokemon are Normal types, and that's pretty much where any fan of anything starts their road, right? They're usually not the first Pokemon I think of when making a team, but I also feel like that's kinda their purpose. I mean, most people organize their teams, so they have type diversity with resistances and advantages against other Pokemon, while Normal type Pokemon, granted that they're using Normal type moves, aren't strong against any, and still have one weakness, and they're at times, quite frankly, pretty boring. However, the Normal typing is probably the one with the most diversity, and a lot of the Pokemon can learn several moves of other typings, and with a lot of them also being bulky, it serves to give a good combination of advantages through moves, and making them able to take a lot of hits, so they can serve as a tank for the team, which is the reason why I often end up getting one in my team anyways. Of course there are exceptions, but that just seems to be the general trait of Normal type Pokemon.
Favorite Normal Type Move: Honestly, Normal type moves aren't really any that stand that much out to me, so I can't really recall that many at the moment. I guess I'd say Tackle though, just because it's the basic Normal type move, and we've all been stuck using it at one point :D

Tell us about why you chose your partners from amongst all the other normal types. What do you think makes them a normal type?

The reason I chose them is pretty simple to be honest, not much to elaborate on. Both of them served as a main part of my Pokemon adventure. Pidgey was the very first Pokemon I caught and raised, and I grew very fond of it very quickly. It's cute, and it's pretty decent in battle, even though it isn't the strongest of the starter birds. I just grew to like it very quickly, and though I may not use it that much anymore, since there are lots of better choices to use when it comes to actually playing the games, I still always make sure to catch one whenever I can.

Ursaring was a Pokemon that had saved me countless times back when I played the second generation games. I really liked the design of Teddiursa though, and when I saw it in my brothers game, I really wanted one. I couldn't get it in Silver however, and it was first very late in Gold you were able to catch one. So my brother bred one and traded it over once I started on my Silver adventure, and though it proved to be pretty weak as a Teddiursa, it really leapt forward once it evolved.
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