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Originally Posted by iLoveHate View Post
I know Cid, if i need help with my hack i wouldnt post it here, i want a mentor so i can learn that part of hacking as well ^^. Hmm, I dont know why Abnegation is yellow, but I'd like him to be my mentor if possible. Cuz he is more of the graphical part of it all and thats exactly what i need now ^^. And he only has 1 mentee at the moment and Dr.Fuji already 2. Shall i contact him? or is that a job for you to do?
Thanks for your help btw Cid.
Abnegation is yellow because he's a super moderator on the forum. :3 And I'll contact him for you now since Cid is asleep! We'll let you know what he replies with as soon as possible. =D

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