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In Elementary we had Windows 98 and it was 'alright' since the research we did was pretty basic and didn't require much from the computer.

In high school, my class computer was a.... Windows 95. Yes a 95 during the 2000's era. It took about 5 minutes to start up and people were raging at it because it was just so slow. In the computer lab we had Windows 98 (at least) and nothing special about them. They had security mesurements to prevent us from going to Youtube, Facebook, 4chan and all those NSFW sites. But I still managed to hack into the school's security system and take off the sites they had. I also took off some of the keys and placed them in different parts of the keyboard.

During my 2 last years of high school, they finally decided to upgrade to XP. Not much difference there, only they upgraded the IOS.
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