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>Jump the fence (d20 says: 10, a slight success)

You jump the fence. Hooray! However, Prof. Oak comes over.

"Red, where are you doing?! You'll step into the tall grass!" He says, and he drags you over the fence and into his lab.
(anti-climatic eh)
Prof. Oak's Lab
At the lab, Gary's waiting. "I've been waiting all day to get a Pokemon because of Red?!" he says, though that isn't completely true.

"Now now, Gary. Don't be too impatient," Oak says. "Do you see, Red? On that table over there, there's three Pokemon. They're locked away brutally secured in those balls, called PokeBalls. You and Gary may have one. Choose first wisely."

"WHAT?!" Gary yells at the top of his lungs. You just stare at him. "Dude, chill. It's just a Pokémon." You tell him. "But...I want to go first!" He then says afterwards.

Alright, time to pick your POKéMON!

Bulbasaur: Level 5, Grass/Poison type Pokemon
Charmander: Level 5, Fire type Pokemon
Squirtle: Level 5, Water type Pokemon

Your Stats
No Pokemon!


No Pokemon!

Game Overs

(You know how game overs work: Make a SUPER BAD DECISION or DIE, and you get booted back at the choice that got you there. Some Super Bad Decisions will go on until you make the wrong one there)
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