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That Yoshi gbee...looks more like a new "Epic Yarn" gbee than a "Yoshi's Island" one, and I don't like how it makes me remniscent of Little Big Planet wit it's new art style n some isas, which is a series I absolutely loatha. (I git it's appeal but I personally don't like it.) Still, Good-Feel is a good developer, and I'm willng ta support tha thugz who buggine Wario Land: Shake It!.

Also, that Wnd Waker remake was announced at tha right time, haha. I was actually thnkng of buyng tha gbee but I'm more than willng ta wait.

N othar news, found a used copy of Anothar Code R fo cheap n Gbeestap and impulse bought it coz I LOVE Cng. <3 (RIP :( ) Not gonna tauch it till I buy tha orignal DS gbee, however, unless tha sequel isn't dependant ta it? That remnds me, gotsta buy Tha Last Wndow as well snce it's appisntly as good as Hotel Dusk.

EDIT: Anyone gittng Ni No Kuni and might want ta post impression? I want ta git it coz of tha Studio Ghibli nvolvement, but I don't want ta buy a potentially time consumng JRPG unless it's REALLY good.