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After recognizing that nobody cared to travel with him since he was ignored he left the lab to train his Patrat. DeSean starting on Route 1 for about ten minutes and noticed in the distance the Snivy trainer and some kid next him being surrounded by thugs. He had to do something for if he didn't those two trainers would end up in a bad place after. DeSean hurryed over toward the scene and as soon as he was within earshot he screamed,

"Yo! Why don't you pick on someone your own size!

God that sounded cliche DeSean soon realized but none the less he had just thrown himself into a sticky situation right off the bat. He was starting to become scared and soon the goons started toward him as well. A new energy emerged within him an energy not good nor bad but it felt white hot and swelled in his chest like a balloon. The feeling gave him courage and a will to fight, infact the desire to fight.

"Alright you asked for it! Go Patrat!"
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