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I am creating this team for the sole purpose of creating a hack that has been floating around my brain for a while that is begging to be made. Because of my higher expectations of the team, I have no trouble seeing us going on to create other hacks (either in a series/in conjunction with Pokemon Wild or seperate completely) or even porting our main hack to RMXP. It is my expectation that you have worked on a hack before, but seeing as that is kind of a high goal the main requirement is that you are able to work on a professional level with others.

Note: We will be using Asana to coordinate due dates.
Project 1:
Our very first project, that inspired the creation of the team, will be entitled Pokemon Wild that details the journey of a young man seeking both vengeance against the man the murdered his family and adventure in a newly discovered and thought to be completely untouched region. Many plot twists and turns are planned (like encounters with "savages") but I don't want to give to much away for fear of ruining major story lines for those interested in the game.
The Team:
Most of you have seen the movie Inception (often thought to be an allegory for the real life movie making progress) and that is how I want you to envision our team. The best of the best in our respective fields coming together to produce results. Note, for every position you must be able to add your contribution to the game (kind of goes with out saying but just wanted to clarify).

The Director/Writer:
That's me. I've got it covered. I'm the one with the creative vision and the administrative experience to make this all work out. I'm a nice guy, and I've been told good to work with, but that isn't going to get in the way of getting the project finished. My job is to both plot the story and actually script it out, but also to manage due dates for the rest of the team and make it all come together.

The Architect/Mapper/Tiler*:
Extremely important for the success of Pokemon Wild. Part of the whole appeal is that this is practically a whole new world, which means a whole new set of native fauna, new "architecture", and new geographical style. The final project needs to have new tiles for plants, ground, and buildings (though some old will be used). The game is going to go through forest, desert, city, coast, and mountainous regions so be prepared to get creative for less repetition.

Added bonus if you can make/program the overworld map.

The Actor/"Casting"/Spriter*:
You will be spriting out the various characters as well as the random trainers. Overworlds, back and battle sprites, the works. This one requires a lot of creativity because of the sheer number of different characters and "trainers" present in the plot, you will truly need to enjoy doing this or it will get boring. I reaaaaaally don't like fakemon, but depending on a decision we will make as a team, it may be for the best of the hack; if this is the case, be prepared to take descriptions and turn them into realistic pokemon. Even if fakemon aren't present, pokemon from newer generations probably will be so be ready to bring them into the game as well.

Sound Engineer:
Again this is a completely original game, so it'll need a completely redone soundtrack. Just think, you could be the very next Hans Zimmer, but for videos games! A whole new medium, to work with yet to be completely taken by storm. You could be that.

Graphics and Promotion:
Overall graphics like opening screen and such. You'll also be working with promotion of the game and the graphics associated with that.

The Audience/Tester:
Needs to be comfortable with critiquing completely. Usually this is an underrated job but I can recognize just how integral of a role the tester is in such a large project. Minor ability to correct mistakes in various programs would be highly appreciated.

*This job really asks a lot from a single person, so if you can't do all these skills, don't worry we'll bring someone else in; however, it really looks favorably upon you if you can do everything asked of you.
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