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Originally Posted by Pinkie-Dawn View Post
You guys are underestimating North Korea's power here. What if they actually succeed in sending their missiles to the U.S. (probably somewhere on the west coast) and proven themselves to be worthy adversaries?
I think perhaps you underestimate the US' military and political power. Every first-world country in the world (and a good portion of the rest of the world) is our ally and we have the strongest military in the world by a wide margin. If North Korea launched so much as a paper airplane at us, NORAD would shoot it down in seconds. We currently have at least three separate anti-ballistic missile systems in place, with the latest and most advanced launched only a few years ago. Our military is not only the strongest in the world, but the most advanced.

North Korea, on the other hand, develops most of its weaponry internally with no collaboration from the world at large, with a small portion imported from countries without trade agreements with the US (places like Iran, among others) and maybe China. If their weaponry is at the level of Iran, they're able to shoot down ballistic missiles made fifty years ago. Not a proper defense against the combined military might of the strongest country in the world and its allies. And if you think China would come to North Korea's aid, you're very mistaken; they would remain neutral (or even possibly move to occupy NK to expand their own influence), as their status as a rising economic power in the world is derived almost entirely from exporting goods to the US.

The guys from Deadliest Warrior are aware of North Korea's power, and their data showed that their military is about the same ranks as the U.S. military based on the weapons the use and how many kills they could make.
My data shows I'm the king of earth. I hardly consider them a legitimate source on... well, anything, really.

The United States government is many things, but unprepared for threats abroad it is not.
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