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Take your places!

Cause I owed this guy a favor, and now, the fortune cup is temporarily a racing zone, featured by eeveelutions~! AND I SERIOUSLY WANT THEM GONE. But alas, a favor is a favor.

However, let's make em' fun, shall we? These 5 lil'guys are gonna race in a track. Race like never before. And your job? Simply guess which of these guys will come 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th! Now, if you're wondering about our lil'contestants, let's take a closer look, shall we?

1 - Vaporeon's Pearl

The lax rookie. Seems as though he isn't all that great, but, he's got a lot of spirit! Who knows, he might turn the tide on this race.

2 - Jolteon's Spiky Comb

Our fast fan favourite! Looks like he's a shoe in again, although, and this is between you and me - he might of gained a couple of pounds over the last week! Sooo the race might be even this time around!

3 - Flareon's Du Flame on You

Ugh. Flareon. Look, this is just my opinion, but, don't trust this guy. He's sneaky, he's cunning, and he'll do whatever it takes to win. Will he succeed? Who knows.

4 - Espeon's Jewel

Aw, he's too cute! He's a bit agile - like our defending champ! We might have a new champ this time around!

5 - Umbreon's Moon

Ugh, he's lazy, but surprisingly quick on his feet when it comes to food. Perhaps tehre will be an added incentive for him to win!

Now that you've met the contestants, it's time to place your bets! PM me a sheet that looks like this:


And fill in each of these 5 pokemon in each slot! Guess on which pokemon will fill in for these slots at the end of the race! Ohoho, as an added incentive for you, there are nice prizes to be won!

If you got guess at least one correctly, you'll win 30 coins!

If you got guess at least two correctly, you'll win 50 coins!

If you got guess at least three correctly, you'll win 70 coins, annnnd the prizes of the lovely Eeveelutions!

If you got guess at least four correctly, you'll win 90 coins, and oh lookie here! You'll win the set of my.. 'weathered' friends! They really love these races:

If you got guess all five race placements correctly, you'll get a whoppin' 150 coins, and well, let's just say compared to these guys, my weathered friends look like a nice summer breeze:


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