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I know Oda is a fan of western music and I'm pretty sure I've read he is indeed a fan of Eminem. Could very well be.

If it is a coincidence there are an awful lot of coincidences in the series.

Contains some spoilers, probably

Marshall D Teach - Blackbeard, a real notorius bad pirate
Donquixote Doflamingo - His name
Jango - Michael Jackson
Usopp - Pinocchio/little boy that cried.....pirate
Enel - Eminem
Shura (ordeal of string guy) - Manfred von Richthofen/Red Baron
Franky - Popeye
Zoro - Zorro
Miss Goldenweek - Pippi Longstocking
Crocodile - Captain Hook
Neptune - Poseidon
Dr. Hogback - The guy that made Frankenstein
Kizaru - Kunie Tanaka
Aokiji - Yusaku Matsuda
Boa Hancock - Medusa


Water 7 - Venice
Shandora - El Dorado
Warship Island - Hashima Island
Holy Land Mariejois - this place in France


Skypiea saga - Native Americans spring to mind
Little Garden - Norse mythology with the giants
Drum Island - Didn't Chopper's tale seem very familiar to you?

I guess the slavery in Sabaody Archipelago would count as well

I've probably missed out some obvious stuff but oh well.