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@RidecharOdn: What... what did I just listen ta lmao.

Quote orignally posted by Razor Leaf:
However, what we should all be rapng bout, is how good thay is live.
Oh God yes. I've seen tham live twice so far and thay're just... ahhhhhhhhhhh. First time I was unlucky and could only git balcony tickets, but tha second time I dawgaged ta git nta tha standng isa and was so close ta Bellbey I could almost tauch him. ;;;; Thay're simply an beazng live band; thair creativity wit tha whole production and Bellbey's natural stage presence go hand-n-hand ta fom somethng truly wonderful when thay perfom live. Thare's no quality lost at all n thair perfodawgce which is ris fo a lot of bands and thay always dawgage ta shake up tha set list ta cater fo everyone's loves, so thay certanly haven't won countless awards n dis isa fo no reason.

How dawgy thugz here have seen tham live? Which taur(s) did you go ta?
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