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Quote originally posted by CourageHound:
Welcome, and those are some really cute nicknames for your Bunneary and Togekiss!
Are you saying Olli isn't cute? I WILL NOT ACCEPT THIS CLAIM ;;;;;;;

Quote originally posted by CourageHound:
However my favorite branch are the cool or tough looking pokes.
Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm... Name them! I can think of 3 and two are terrifying, so I'm really curious to see which Pokémon you're digging on! If I agree I'll give you a cookie. BUT ONLY IF. I just don't really see Normal types as being that tough or scary I guess, it'd be interesting to see which ones you see this way.

Quote originally posted by CourageHound:
As you all can see, the CSS from the club has disapeared(cuz the editer hates me ;-; ) due to some frustration with the coding. So for the time being Simple Vanilla is going to be a bit...well, simple until I remake the CSS, possibly with some help.
I'll hook you up with a PM!

Quote originally posted by CourageHound:
Also, i've decided to make a mascott pokemon for the club instead of a featured pokemon. Just to be certain on your votes(some voted, some didnt, and some who did were still conflicted between choosing a mascott or featured pokemon) i'd like you to please re-post them. As such, my vote will go torwards Ursaring.
Oh honey oh sugar oh babydoll why do you make me decide between such cute Pokémon? I'm going to go with Ursaring too for the reasons stated way up there. Whilst I don't really find it an iconic Normal type Pokémon, I do think it fits this particular club perfectly. It gives the impression of being something warm and fluffy and smelling of honey that you could cuddle on a long Winter night, but it'll rip your face off if you steal it's honey. Perfect metaphor for a club, right? ... right?

Quote originally posted by Wind Heart:
Favorite Normal Type Move: Relic Song
Tell me why! I don't know anything about this move but it sounds really interesting and always annoys me in competitive battles, so explain please! :D