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Originally Posted by Boilurn View Post
As for a pure-Poison type I'd probably say Koffing, maybe because its grin looks charming, but other than that I don't know, because they either look disgusting or that they inflict poison when you touch it.
I think they have the ability to control the 'touch = poisoned' feature, much like Ponyta and Rapidash can with their fire. Although I have to disagree, Koffing seems much more like a 'cool cat' sort of Pokémon rather than cute. I'd say the cutest Poison type is Gulpin because LOOK AT HOW DERPY IT IS OMG. <3


It's so freaking adorable I can't even :')

Also Skorupi's a bit of a cutie! But I'm scared that if I went anywhere near one it'd rip my face off... bad times.