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Quote originally posted by LilJz1234:
If NK DOES launch a nuke on US and US retaliates, you think other countries would join in and make a WWIII?
No. I think the US alone would be enough to wipe any living cell in that country out of existence in a few hours. And if they are insane enough to attack the US, nobody in the world would dare to support them. Mostly because SK is an US ally and China is a nominal NK ally but would never, never, never, get into a world war to support such a useless state. As Twocows said, China depends on selling goods to the rest of the world, specially the US. A war against them would kind of destroy their economy for a long while without giving them much in return- what good does NK means for them? Nothing. It's just an "extra border" between them and SK. And a political rule is: never go to war over someone else casually stepping on you on the street.

If the Cold War didn't cause a WWIII, a Drôle de Guerre like this would never manage such a feat.
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