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Julia Blackwood - Low Road: Mountain Region
Julia continued to apply light affection to the feminine pokemon as she traveled upon the set path. She wasn't keen on climbing the mountain manually without gear. She did however note the lack of splits leading up to the cave. This made her slightly nervous. Was this cave the only way? What were those noises? Should she be afraid? Her brow furrowed a bit and she makes a decission, completely unaware of the fact that she was being watched. She cautiously made her way into the cave, trying to let her eyes adjust to the darkness as she slowly made her way forward, feeling along in search of obstacles in hopes of not tripping over them or otherwise embarrassing and hurting herself. Y'know, on second thought, perhaps she'd need to get one of her pokemon to conjure a flame...

She promptly did so, letting out Ice, who promptly emitted a short-range blueish light in the form of a sustained will-o-wisp. The blue ball of flame hovered abover one of her hands, illuminating only a foot or two ahead of her. Well... it was better than nothing, right?
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