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Chapter Three: Start of A New Blizzard

Jessie, James and Meowth hurried over to where Beko was being held. Beko looked at them, startled. "You... let me go!" He gnawed at the cage bars, but to no avail.
"You're so silly... don't you know it's metal? The only way you could get out is to..." Suddenly James pushed Jessie down. "You idiot, you almost blew it all!"
"Meowth! Say, you look different somehow..."
"How?? How?? Answer me, for Pete's sake!"
"Hmm..." Meowth held a mirror up to Beko's face. The moment Beko saw his reflection, he gasped. "Is... is... is that... is that me?" he questioned. He saw not his human face, but the face of a Flareon, snow white in color. Beko quickly did an anime drop. Then he headbutted at the cage doors. "Let me out! Let me out right now, you vile heathens!" Beko was quite furious by now.
"Not a chance! Until you burn your way out of here, you're ours! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!"
"Well, thanks for the escape trick."
"Gahh! Boy, I'm an idiot!"
Beko used a Flamethrower attack, then bent the cage bars just enough to break loose. "Try and catch me now, losers! Ha ha!"
"Get him, Teko!"
"I can't..."
"Gahh! Why not?"
"Oh, fine. Come on, Rockets!"
The four of them set off in their balloon, trying to catch the wily and quick Beko, who ran like his paws were on fire. Suddenly he bumped into a little girl (who looked to be about 11), which quickly halted his dash. "Sorry!!" he said, sounding hurried.
"Huh? Who was that?" She looked around, but saw no other person.
"Down here!"
The little girl wheeled around and, seeing Beko, jumped startledly. "Oh... um, it's okay... I guess."
"You guess?"
"Well, was it an accident?"
"Yea. See, they're after me..."
"Who's after you?"
"Team Rocket."
"My daddy works for them..."
"Really? So does my dad..."
"But you're a Flareon! Your dad can't work for them."
"Look, Mandy... ever wonder if somehow you could be a Pokemon yourself?"
"Yea... lots of times... oh no, you're not saying..."
"Yes. I used to be human."
Mandy jumped back in amazement. "Really?? You're not lying, right?"
"Like I would lie about something this important..."
"True... but..."
"So can you do anything or not?"
"Well... I could always be your trainer..."
"You'd do that?"
Mandy smiled, nodding her head. "Sure! I'll keep you from those heathens. Honestly, why would someone do that to an innocent kid..."
"You got me stumped."
"So I have. I think I'll call you Blizzard."
"What kind of name is Blizzard? I mean, I'm a Flareon..."
"Yea... but you're white like snow..."
"Oh. Well, in that case, I like it. Blizzard it is then."
"Eevee!" A gold Eevee came running up to Mandy. "Eevee eev? |Who's this?| she uttered.
"Hi, I'm Blizzard!" Blizzard said emphatically.
"Eevee eevee vee? |Why are you white?|
"Long story, besides I'm not in the mood to talk about it."
"Eevee. Eevee vee." |Oh. I'm sorry.|
"Oh, I don't mind... I just..."
"It's okay Blizzard. Oh, this is Rose, my other Pokemon."
"Nice to meet you, Rose."
"Eevee!" |You too!|
And so Blizzard and his new friends began their expedition to places far and wide...

Author's notes: Okay, okay, I did two chapters in a 1/2 hour... but for good reason! Why? Because I'm nice.

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