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Quote originally posted by Eeveelution Co-ordinator:
It may have to do with the following, a) it's REALLY cute
Okay, I have to give you that one, it is very cute!

Quote originally posted by Eeveelution Co-ordinator:
b) it has so many evolutions (or Eeveelutions as they are more commonly known) and it's fun to collect them all, and c) it was a starter for your rival in Pokemon Yellow, and everyone loves Pikachu (poor, poor Clefairy...)
These are the bits I don't understand - why do either of these things make it such an amazing Pokémon? These traits certainly make it unique, but does that make it better than other Pokémon? It's definitely an interesting Pokémon but I really don't get why it's universally adored so much more than other Pokémon. I seem to be alone in this thinking though haha.