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Originally Posted by CourageHound View Post
Welcome to the club! I love how you explained the ups and downs of using normal types as well as their erratic tendancy to not follow a specific pattern of abillities or usefulness.

Your partners are admirable too. Pidgey being your favorite and first pokemon caught is awesome, and of course you have the all conquering Ursaring :cool:. However to my misfortune, ulike my other partners I never been able to use Ursaring in-game due to me owning HG and how Ursaring's location was changed to SS. However I'm in the process of training one now. =)
Aw, that sucks :( I haven't used a Ursaring since my Gold and Silver days though, and I lost my Silver several years ago, and have yet to get either Heartgold or Soulsilver, although the Pokemon is definitely great to use :) Glad to hear you're in possession of one now :D I do find the change kinda odd though :p So any specific reason why you like Ursaring so much?

Originally Posted by CourageHound View Post

As you all can see, the CSS from the club has disapeared(cuz the editer hates me ;-; ) due to some frustration with the coding. So for the time being Simple Vanilla is going to be a bit...well, simple until I remake the CSS, possibly with some help.

Also, i've decided to make a mascott pokemon for the club instead of a featured pokemon. Just to be certain on your votes(some voted, some didnt, and some who did were still conflicted between choosing a mascott or featured pokemon) i'd like you to please re-post them. As such, my vote will go torwards Ursaring.
Well at least now the OP matches the theme B) Hope you'll get it fixed soon, I really liked that CSS :>

Originally Posted by AlexOzzyCake View Post
Hmm, what makes you guys like Eevee so much? It's always seen as such a popular Pokémon but I can't say I really understand it haha. I guess the multiple evolutions thing is pretty cool, but why is it so popular? Even more so than half the other adorable Normal types?
Being unique can lead to being awesome though :o But I can kinda agree with you, I don't see what the hype with Eevee is all about. I mean, it's really cute, however there are lots of Pokemon that I find to be equally cute.