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Guys, guys, guys, girls, girls, girls! I made a video for the intro beginning part thing of this game! :D It's being uploaded to youtube as I am typing this and it's ALMOST done, so I shall post it on this post and the first post whenever it chooses to be done with <3 If you want to see the game before you play then it's a good glimpse into the first few minutes (it's actually 8 but you can zoom though it in about 3 if you know you don't have to listen to Juniper ramble on about the arena).

I'm going to work on the arena battles from now on though, so expect the finished arena and the beta to release them in about a months time, maybe 3 weeks. I have a facebook page linked in my signature that I post real time updates and just random junk I want to post. You'll probably know there before you know here how close I am to the beta. Right, video is at 86% so try again in another half an hour if it isn't already on this post and the original post

<3 Thank you and have a nice day <3

EDIT: Here it is <3
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