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Solo Pokemon Challenge with - Soul Silver Update #2

The Progress:

-Made it through Union Cave, picking up TM39 ROCK TOMB along the way
-Chikorita evolved into Bayleef at Lvl16 :D!!!!
-Arrived at Azalea Town
-Bayleef learnt MAGICAL LEAF
-Defeated Proton. Difficulty: 1/5
-Defeated Bugsy (Bug Gym). Difficulty: 6/5 - DAMN IT SCYTHER, WHY ARE YOU SO OP?!
-Defeated Heart. Difficulty: 0/5
-Obtained CUT and ROCK SMASH (somewhere)
-Taught Meganium HEADBUTT in Ilex Forest
-Arrived at Goldenrod City
-Defeated Whitney. Difficulty: 1/5
-Obtained squirtbottle and removed sudowoodo on Route 36
-Caught Wooper to use as a HM Slave
-Obtained STRENGTH
-Arrived at Ecruteak City
-Obtained SURF
-Entered Burnt Tower, defeated Heart. Difficulty: 3/5 - damn CURSE move
-Bayleef evolved into Meganium at Lvl32 :D!!!
Badges: 3/16

The Team:

"Xander" Lvl32

Rash - Overgrow
Headbutt, Magical Leaf, Ingrain, Leech Seed
HP:103 Att:62 Def:76 SpA:71 SpD:63 Spe:65
"Kyle" Lvl3

HM Slave - Cut, Surf
"Holly" Lvl4

HM Slave
"Kim" Lvl6

HM Slave - Rock Smash

Going to try and get my hands on a Miltank so I have fewer HM Slaves.
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