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Quote originally posted by heretostay123:
Ha! You've activated my trap card! Alpha Application! ALPHA SU ACTIVATE!

Name: Hector Ayoba
Age: 15
Trainer: Kanto Male
Starter: Paris the Ivysaur - Petal Dance

Your character is enjoyable and your writing is totally ok, but you didn't really look at the SU sheet or read the story for that matter O.o In this RP, reading the chapter info posts will be rather crucial.

But if you take a look at the whole first post again and try to fix what you got wrong, I'll have another look at it ;)

Quote originally posted by Sir Bastian:
If there are still any free spots left, I would like to reserve the Quilava and the Sinnoh male! I'll begin writing an SU the moment I'll know if the spot is free or not :P
Certainly! Off you go writing now~

Quote originally posted by Xlugon Pyro:
Don't forget to edit the OP with the avatar update. :P

Also, I'll have the sign-up done sometime today and at the very latest, tomorrow.

I think I did?

I'll be looking forward to it!

Quote originally posted by Charizard_Man:
So since these are openly available, does that mean my reservation was counted? ;O
No, heretostay and Sir Bastian reserved so there wouldn't be a spot for you, BUT...
Quote originally posted by Miss Doronjo:

You know what, I thought about it, and... to fair for everyone else, think I should give my spot to someone else and concentrate on MAO for now. D=

Sorry for the trouble. ;___;

... this means that Charizard_Man can reserve one of the characters that is currently available in the first post! (excluding the stuff that heretostay and Bastian reserved just now, in case you read this before I edit stuff)

Also @ Shawn ;; ok... glad to have you in MAO at least!

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