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Originally Posted by donavannj View Post
Also, a note about Juniors: many kids are running decks their League or their parents helped them build, so they're going to be stronger than you expect.
That's absolutely what I saw during our first tournament :-)

The good thing is that it was a small tournament: only 2 juniors, so he played against seniors but got ranked 2nd (out of 2 :-)) => 11 boosters :-P

Originally Posted by Renpuu View Post
The downside is that he takes up bench space and is easily KO-ed by Darkrai EX Night spear snipes for 30 damage to the bench.
Played online against a Darkrai EX deck last night and man did I get crushed :-) My online deck does well against most deck I face online, even against some EX decks:

4-3-2 Empoleon (card drawer + very little energy to play)
3-2 Zoroark (turn 2 active)
3-2 Umbreon (against those decks who stack energy on the one pokemon)
1 Bouffalant (anti-EX, only have 1)
1 Keldeo EX (finisher, only have 1)

2 Energy Retrieval
2 Great Ball
2 Pokemon Catcher (only have 2)
2 Pokemon Communication
1 Rare Candy (only have 1)
3 Switch
4 Cheren
2 Cilan
2 Engineer's Adjustment (works well with Energy Retrieval, Diving Draw from Empoleon)
2 Professor Juniper

9 Water
8 Darkness
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