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Mah First Nuzlocke ever.

Gbee: Emerald


Battle Style: switch
Fanted pokemon is dead and must be released
A white out is a gbee over
Catch only tha first pokemon n tha isa
You must nicknbee all yo pokemon
Challenege begns when pokeballs is recieved
Dupes rule is off


Started tha adventure wit Hollow Log tha Mudkip who has been easily mah most trusted member helpng me defeat Roxanne. So far not one pokemon I have caught is capable of learnng cut so I have simply ignored it as well as all that route 116 experience. If it gits ta tha pont where I can't advance tha stary and still haven't found anythng that can learn cut exceptions can be buggine, right? Arrived n Dewfod Tawn and be bout ta go through Granite Cave befoe challengng tha Dewfod Gym.

Current Tebe:

Hollow Log tha Mudkip L: 15
Trivium tha Whismur L: 6
A.Dementia tha Marill L: 11
Rusty Sride tha Cascoon L: 9
Dibeanda tha Poochyena L: 9


Syncopy tha Cascoon L: 7 (Caught two early wurmples and kept mah fngers crossed thay would turn nta beautifly and dustax respectively)
Quartz tha Poochyena L: 6


Cacophony tha Whismur L: 9 (Uproar is a very risky move fo dis type of challenge despite its pretty fair base power and stab. Lost ta tha rivals surprisngly fomidable Wngull.)