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If there is no "money" in the cure. There is no cure.
Maybe all of these diseases could be erased from the face of the planet, but we all know that companies need to make money in order to stay in business.
I've worked in the care industry, I've seen good care homes and bad ones, I've heard nightmare stories of healthcare. In the end there is no surprise that these "super bugs" known as MRSA are affecting public hospitals in the United Kingdom.
If you go to a hospital usually the doctors/surgeons are the ones who speak very clear English, are articulate and know what they are doing. Most nurses on wards are immigrants who chose to work in healthcare because they are always in demand for people, same as being a support/care worker. Most of them their English is very limited so how can you expect them to be able to "follow instructions to perfection" when they can't understand what you are talking to them about.
Diseases CAN be cured but the companies have to make profit off of the cure otherwise it is not viable. Just as the same as the NHS is a failing system because providing free healthcare to a population which has grown faster than what the government foresaw back in the past is too late for them to go back on the promise of free healthcare.
If you want to survive in this world do what you can to be fit, healthy and avoid fast food, alcohol,smoking and any dangerous activity.

Also there are many natural remedies and cures to common illnesses such as just drinking plenty of fluids, eating healthy, keeping active/fit,making sure your house,clothes and furniture are clean.
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