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I always found Amy's and Rori's end to be so....broken. Don't get me wrong. The first time I watched it I bawled. The second and third time however, I started to notice a rather unsettling question left unanswered. Sure the Doctor couldn't ever enter New York City again, but what would stop Amy and Rory from leaving New York and signalising the Doctor the way they have in the past?

I agree with AlexOzzyCake that Martha is the weakest companion in the New series, but I also have a hard time putting it to words, I used to hate Donna, it took me awhile to grow fond of her as a character.

I'm fairly impartial on River, but I will say this. If you watch Season 5 and 6 and then go back to The Season 4 2 parter The Silence in the Library/(I can't remember). That episode starts to carry far more weight.

Also, does anyone agree that Moffet just can't get the Daleks right? RTD might of overused them, but at least his episodes didn't constantly retcon an already well established history and lore.
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