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Quote originally posted by Puppeteer Mask:
Got my SU pretty much hammered, so I'm gonna set about doing an RP sample when I'm done work, if all goes well I should have something up tomorrow.
Splendid! Looking forward to it. I might be very busy tomorrow though, so maybe I won't look here until sunday.

Quote originally posted by Charizard_Man:
[Name] Trey Vincent
[Age] Fourteen
[Trainer] Johto Male
omgAWD that's a delicious looking SU. I just have to fix mine up, I can't have it looking like that when there's eyecandy like this laying around in this thread.

It's the text that matters, of course ;) but still!

Charizard_Man is accepted!

EDIT: heretostay, it's just the detail that you should meet the professor in the Pokémon Center and not in a lab of hers. The RP sample instruction text said so ^^

The accepted members, check the first post in the IC thread for delicious character profiles :D

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