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Originally Posted by Pinkie-Dawn View Post
You guys are underestimating North Korea's power here. What if they actually succeed in sending their missiles to the U.S. (probably somewhere on the west coast) and proven themselves to be worthy adversaries?.
Um, well considering their type of government has consistently been proven to be ineffective (Soviet Union, China, Vietnam) and have never been really strong (Soviet Union is just really big with a lot of manpower, after all), I don't think North Korea is going to be any different, unless the dictator is literally Scrooge McDuck there's not much of a chance that they have any different of abilities.

And once they open up, they're gonna see that capitalism isn't Satan's butthole (nor is it Jesus' chest hair) and forget about us and just move on to more important things, like eating. Or money.

Oh and you should like research it for yourself. North Korea has 1000 GDP per capita,28,000 GDP nominal, and 40,000 GDP purchasing power, and when your country is matched by your opponent 1,000 times, that's not a good sign of power. Let's put it this way - If US were Level 100, North Korea would need to be a hundred times bigger to be even barely Level 1. And let's face it - have you ever been able to beat a Level 100 with a Level 1, much less a Level 0.1? Even with the better moves, you wouldn't be able to. I dare you to try it, with just attacking powers, but not any "diplomacy" or status/status dependent moves (because we're going for the realism - and let's be real, hiding in a corner and shouting lame insults at the biggest guy isn't very diplomatic, is it?).

Again, unless Scrooge McDuck likes to also work shifts as Kim Jong __.
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