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Originally Posted by Birthday Thunder View Post
Hi If you are willing, I would like to trade you for your "decent' shiny horsea and the "relatively superior" shiny totodile. I can offer an EV trained shiny Liepard that has max speed (from what I remember) and a shiny maractus. If you don't want either of those, I have plenty more shinies to trade. All were obtained by legit methods and have been pokechecked. Let me know.
Yeah, I like those/want more 5th gen shinies anyways so I'll agree to that. What EVs does the Liepard have for curiosity?
Originally Posted by Darkprettyboy View Post
Hello there sir, i was wondering if you would trade your shiny eevee (decent) for my shiny Granbbul.
I'm afraid I'd have to decline on that offer, as I have a number of shiny Snubbull already.
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