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chapter 1; FRIENDS AND RIVALS // Route 2

Leading north from Viridian City is a fairly plain route. Fields of grass line the road and many trainers from the city come here to train rather than going south to Route 1, since more interesting pokémon live here and the landscape is pretty open. A good place to catch some reliable pokémon before entering the treacherous Viridian Forest. At the entrance to the forest is a resting house where they heal pokémon and sell potions, pokéballs and antidotes in case travelers didn't stock up on that back in the city.

Mandatory event:
Somewhere on Route 2, you will somehow encounter a trainer who has gotten a pokémon from another professor just the day before. It will be the unevolved version of your starter and it will know all the same moves except for your egg move! They have traveled from Pallet Town already, having gotten their pokémon from the more well known professor Oak while you got yours from the young and relatively unknown professor Pine.

You may battle or talk or otherwise notice and interact with this trainer. Make up their gender, appearance and personality briefly and let it show through the post. As brief or detailed as you want to bother with ^^ This trainer will appear on more occasions, just so you know, but I will decide when.

Minimum number of posts: 1

Wild pokémon catchable:
Their evolutions/prevolutions may be encountered but not captured.
You can keep playing after having caught a pokémon,
but I will assign level 7 or 8 to it in the first post,
depending on how good your capture post was!


[Tail Whip] [Growl] [Scratch]

[Leer] [Peck] [Focus Energy]

[Absorb] [Growth] [Leech Seed]

[Absorb] [Growth] [Leech Seed]

[Tackle] [Camouflage] [Growl] [Sand Attack]

[Tackle] [Tail Whip] [Growl]

[Quick Attack] [Tail Whip] [Charge]
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