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Quote originally posted by heretostay123:
I think I'm the only one who noticed this, but it appears that we have 2 of each type accepted so far. Just a li'l fun fact.
I did notice ^^ Also, Meredith is the only girl so far :p very manly atmosphere in the IC post right now.

Quote originally posted by Sir Bastian:
It's not so much as trying things out, it's just that... I can't see any kind of sense in what you've written down. Again, it's just me who's a complete numpty with this kind of thing, but I honestly can't do... anything, with code, even chat-code like this.

Though I suppose if you really want to help me out you could do so via skype :P Not that I'd expect you to go to such lengths to help out someone who's basically just being blind.
I could try to make you understand on skype some day yeah ;D mostly because it would be fun for me, haha.

Anyways, subscribe to the IC thread if you haven't already!

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