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If you could create a band using members of already existing bands, who would be in it and why? Bonus question: What would you name it?

I'd have...

Lead Singer
Without a shadow of a doubt, it'd have to be Simon Neil from Biffy Clyro. His voice is utterly amazing and his song writing talents are incredible. He has a unique quirk of adding small inflections to certain words whilst singing which makes his vocal style very original and caused him to quickly become one of my all-time favourite singers. And the Scottish accent omg.

Lead Guitar
Matt Bellamy! His lead work in Muse creating countless unforgettable riffs and solos is world-famous for a good reason. He's an absolutely incredible guitarist capable of transitioning between any style you could think of and adding a really unique feeling to any song. Despite his guitar playing being instantly recognisable, his talent is beyond large enough to keep every song sounding unique and generally awesome.

Alex Turner from Arctic Monkeys is very similar to Matt Bellamy with his guitar playing in the respect of being able to make any song/project sound completely unique and yet recognisable by using the same basic style of playing, but his rhythm work far shines beyond Bellamy's with the unique patterns and transitions that he comes up with so he'd be perfectly suited as the rhythm guitarist. He'd also offer back-up singing due to his rather sexy voice. ♥

Honestly I don't know any famous bassists other than Pete Wentz (Fall Out Boy) and The Flea (U2), so I'll go with Pete Wentz because he's cuuute!

Had The Rev from Avenged Sevenfold not died it would definitely have been him, but in his place the only other option is Trés Cool from Greenday. This man is literally very cool, and he sure shows it with his work on the drums. He's an absolutely outstanding drummer capable of incredible drum-solos (how many other bands actually use those?) and his huge stage presence would carry the band really well. The perfect final addition for the band!

Your band can have as many/few artists/instruments as you'd like so be creative - just make sure to explain your choices! :)
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